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As the rempsyc package is starting to gain momentum, an increasing number of external sources are citing or writing about rempsyc. This document is meant to be a sort of recension of these external sources.


  • Thanks for rempsyc. Works out of the box like a charm. - Ulrich

  • I am writing to express my appreciation for the “rempsyc” package, which has significantly simplified the process of creating APA-style tables for my research. Thank you for your excellent work! - Liman

  • Thank you a thousand times for the work done on these R packages, on the vignettes, the articles… Currently completing my MSc thesis, you allow me to save considerable time! Thanks! - Guillaume

  • I am loving the function nice_table to create APA formatted tables and it has worked for me wonderfully many times. - Seglima

  • This is one of the most helpful R packages I’ve used in years! It saves hours of time and patience and is super easy to implement! - Mark

  • What a fantastic package. Thank you. - John

  • After some hours of working with the nice_table function, I got to know it pretty well. It is working perfect – I am impressed - Mihaly

  • Thanks for the great work on this package - Olivier

  • I have been using your rempsyc package in R to generate tables, to which I am extremely grateful. Thank you for having come up with such useful package - Keith

  • Thank you for providing this useful package! - Sebastian

  • Thank you for creating such a helpful package for APA tables - I hope this will be a life saver for my thesis formatting - Michaela

  • Just discovered your Publication-ready APA tables tutorials. They are Great! Thank you so much - Yayouk

  • I also just want to say how much I love this package and function so much! Thank you so much for your work and contribution! - Seungju

  • Your rempsyc package is amazing! - Ville

  • Thanks for this wonderful and useful package - Maya

  • Your package is amazing! - Hugo

  • I discovered your rempsyc extension to the flextable package and am quite impressed - Tom

  • This package is amazing – thank you so much - Taylor


Dr Lyndon Walker

Prof. Erik Marsja, PhD

Sharon Machlis


Jeromy Anglim


Université du Québec à Montréal


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